Here is a guide sample to work with the Webquest about Roald Dahl. I hope it's useful!

Web quest: “Do you know Roald Dahl?”

Grade: 5th Guide Nº 1


  1. You will be evaluated and will receive a mark according to the following aspects:
*Participation * commitment in the process *quality of final work.
G O O D L U C K !

3. Go to .

  1. Click on My Dahl biography and read on page 1 to write 3 paragraphs (in Word) with the following information



Father’s name
Place of origin
When he came to England
First loss
Name and number of children he had.
When did Harald marry again?
What was her name? Where did they move?
How many children did they have?
When and where was R.D born?
What happened to Astri?
Why and when did Harald Dahl die?
Why did Sophie decide to stay in England?
How old was RD when he was sent to school?
How many years did he spend there?
What kind of memories did he have? Why?
What school did he attend afterwards?


  1. Now, use these 3 paragraphs to create a Power Point presentation about this part of Roald Dahl’s life. Be creative, use your imagination.
  2. Go to Power Point.
  3. Your presentation must have 5 slides .
Slide 1 Write the title, your names and include a picture of Roald Dahl. Insert music and/or animationeffects.
Slide 2 Copy paragraph 1 from your essay. Give animation effects to the letters.
Slide 3 Copy paragraph 2. Give it a background colour . Go to, click on pictures and insert a family photo.
Slide 4 Copy paragraph 3. Insert an animated picture of a school. Give the slide a background colour.
Slide 5 Go to . Click on books and insert a picture of the cover of the book called BOY, giving a short review about it.