Tales of Ancient Egypt

A project can be developed with the boys from fourth, fifth or sixth grade is the study of ancient civilizations. One possibility is that the kids research a chosen aspect of culture. To do this, you can work with webquests, books, videos, maps, encyclopedias, etc. The attraction of this way of working is that the kids have a variety of information resources, which facilitates access to and ownership of content. Once the stage of research and editing was necessary for the development of crafts to organize "the museum" for the final sample. (The children can make models, maps, sculptures, prints, clothing apparel and accessories, mirror games, etc.). In closing, is organizing an open class where students researched expose everything, culminating in the sample of power point presentations (Mummies and religion, Farming and the Nile, Houses and Clothes, Geography, Towns and Leisure, Writing Systems and Jobs, Pyramids) The classroom work from projects like this, it means a change, a transformation that ends up going beyond the walls of the classroom and the school agrees to it.

Egyptians Everyday Life

Pyramids Egypt

Writing Systems And Jobs

Mummis And Religion