By Dominique Morales

One snowy night two robbers wanted to rob a big bank. They didn’t want the police to catch them so they moved slowly. One of them had a shaved head, tired eyes, a big nose, a small mouth, small ears and wore a yellow hat. The other, had long and wavy hair, wide and sexy eyes, a small mouth with full lips, a mole, a band-aid on one cheek and small ears. Her name was Jane. They had lots of guns, knives and bombs. Jane was on a black horse and Oscar, on a donkey. Oscar was very silly but Jane was intelligent.

The place was deserted, there weren’t any people and it was snowing a lot. The two robbers went into the bank silently through the chimney, and went directly to the safe box. There, Jane put her ear next to the safe box, moved the wheel and opened it. Oscar took the money and a big diamond.

But when they were going out, Oscar went to the office where the policeman Tom was sleeping. He had spilt his coffee and his donut was on the floor. Oscar ate the donut and then he saw a bright red button and he pressed it… In that moment, an alarm went off! Oscar ran fast and Tom, the policeman, woke up. He was fat and couldn’t catch Oscar.

Jane was waiting for Oscar to come out with the money. When he went out, a group of policemen were waiting for him and caught him and Jane. Now they are in jail.