The Robbers
By Catalina Celleri

Last morning two robbers robbed a bank in Bariloche. That day it was raining and the policemen couldn’t hear the thieves.

The place was cold and wet. Next to the door, in the bank, it was all empty and quiet. The robbers went into the bank through the window that was behind a table.

The thieves were a man and a woman. The man had side-parted short hair, scheming eyes with eye bags, a turned up nose, an evil smile, a band-aid, fatty ears and was smoking cigar.
The woman had long and straight hair, wide sexy eyes, a turned up nose, a small mouth with a mole on the lip, a tattoo, fatty ears and was smoking cigarette.

When they went in, they lost a gun but they had two knives and a gun. The policeman was walking when one thief saw him and shot him dead. Then, the other policeman heard the gun shot and ran to see what was happening.

The policeman called for some back up and then they caught the thieves.

The police know they committed the crime because they had a bag full of money.