One morning two thieves killed the governor’s butler and stole gold, gems and diamonds from his house. They went into the mansion through the chimney. First, they turned off the lights and looked for precious things, but when they saw the butler, they immediately killed him cutting his head with a knife.

It was a rainy morning in Washington DC; Washington is a big city with a lot of people.

The woman’s name was Candy. She had brunette, long and straight hair. She also had two tattoos on her face. One is a heart and the other is a skull. Her eyes were blue and big, her nose was turned up. She had a small mouth with full lips, wore ear-rings and smoked cigarettes.

The man’s name was Samy. He had short, straight and pointy black hair, a scar; scheming eyes. he also had fatty ears, a turned up nose and an evil smile.

The police started looking for them. They looked for them for seven hours but they didn’t find the thieves. The police think they committed the crime because of revenge. Three years ago, the governor had expelled Candy and Samy out of the city. Candy’s father is also in jail for 21 years.
The governor wanted to send only Candy away, but as they were a couple, Samy escaped with her to New York.