By Camila Arismendi

One night on May 3rd, 1918 two robbers robbed Ricky Ricon’s house. The woman was called Kim and the man was Ronixs.

The weather was cold. There were a lot of people on the street so it was not quiet. While the popular Ricky Ricon was away in Brazil and China, Kim and Ronixs went to his house and broke a window throwing a big rock at it.

Once they were in the house they looked for the vault. They searched and searched but they didn’t find anything. As they were running away, Ricky was coming back from his holidays.

When he arrived, he saw the robbers and called the police but as the police was coming to his house, the two back wheels broke down and they had to keep on running. They were very tired, but they didn’t stop. The robbers were faster and escaped.

The police keep looking fir them. The robbers look like this:

Kim was tall, fat and she had black hair, a big nose and the eyes were blue.

Ronixs was little and very fat, with big eyes and a small nose.

If you see them please call 433211912