Wanted! By Azul Lozada
One stormy night, two criminals killed a very rich man and stole his car.
The rich man was called Richard. He lived in a giant mansion with a tropical jungle and a swimming pool with a water fall. Richard lived with his family.

The night of the murder the thieves had guns. They forced the door and came in. They noticed that the house didn’t have an alarm. Richard heard something and went down. The thieves got afraid and shot Richard.

Rick, the murderer, has center- parted, short hair and narrow eyes. He has a scar and he always smokes cigar.
Jane has straight, long hair, narrow eyes and she has a piercing.

The police didn’t catch them. They know that they are them because of the finger prints. Today they are free. Please if you see them call: 4139
Thank you –
Police Dept.